DTEC New In-door Test Line Completed

2. February 2021

As a professional and customer-orientated supplier of trackside train monitoring and depot ultrasonic testing systems for railway industry, we understand how important it is to simulate the real application scenario. Since middle of 2020, our engineers work on deploying one more comprehensive in-door test line for both our trackside and depot solutions. Now, we will use this test platform for quality control of mass production, optimizing of prototype, and evaluating of customized design.

Facts and functions of our test line:
– 50 meters long in total, standard 1435 mm gauge, 60 kg rails.
– 30 meters long track for demonstration of trackside monitoring solutions for wheel profile, wheel crack, wheel running surface, and 360° vision solution for full vehicle body.
– 20 meters long track for demonstration of service depot solutions of Underfloor Wheel Ultrasonic Testing system, and our latest AI robot products afterwards.

In the coming months, our products and reference wheelset will be equipped on test line for demonstrating our Dolphin UT series solutions.