New Reference Wheelsets in Position

5. April 2021

DTEC test line is now equipped with customized reference wheelsets and axles.

Some facts about those wheelsets and axles:

– Reference wheelsets: wheel diameter 835 mm, 890 mm, and 1250 mm; artificial defects of side-drilled holes of Ø2*30 mm, Ø3*100 mm; saw cuts of 3 mm depth in 15 mm and 20 mm long. Some other useful simulators such as flat wheel and profile imperfections are also there.
– Reference hollow axles: bore diameter 30 mm ~ 60 mm; artificial defects of flat bottom holes of Ø0.5 mm, Ø1 mm, Ø2 mm; saw cuts of 0.5 mm and 1 mm depth.
– To be used as a test reference block according to DIN 27201-7 standard and Chinese regulations

Here, we want to say thank you to our partners for your precise machining work and punctual delivery service to our factory in Rosbach. It is really a great job in such a short time. A well-prepared DTEC GmbH is nearly ready to welcome all of you!